Volunteer for your Chapter

Positions are available for persons with varying amounts of time to help your Chapter from a few hours per month to a few hours per week. We’ll find a position that suits your strengths and interests. You’ll have fun and learn something while supporting your Chapter. If you have any questions, please contact the Board member listed with the opportunity. See the current chapter needs below. If you are ready to experience being part of your Chapter Leadership or Committees & volunteer:

Elected Board of Directors Volunteer Postions
For elected Board of Directors positions during the Call for Candidates period prior to Annual Elections, we will provide contact information to send in submissions.

Committee Volunteers
For positions/opportunities, please complete the AMTA-NHChapterVolunteerRegistration form.

Current Chapter Needs
Current Committee Opportunities Available
* Education Committee
   (more info: president@amta-nh.org)

* Newsletter Committee
   (more info: president@amta-nh.org)

* Membership Committee
   (more info: president@amta-nh.org)

* Communications & Social Media Committee
   (more info: president@amta-nh.org)


Committee Descriptions

Click the AMTA-NH logo next to the Committee’s name to see its full description.
AMTA-NH_Logo Member Outreach (formerly Benevolence)

AMTA-NH_LogoCommunications & Social Media

AMTA-NH_Logo Education

AMTA-NH_Logo Sports Massage

AMTA-NH_Logo Newsletter

AMTA-NH_Logo Web (under construction)

AMTA-NH_Logo Membership


Chapter Board Member Descriptions

Click the AMTA-NH logo next to the Position Title to see its full description.
AMTA-NH_LogoChapter President

AMTA-NH_LogoChapter Board Member

AMTA-NH_Logo Chapter Secretary

AMTA-NH_Logo Chapter Financial Administrator

AMTA-NH_Logo Chapter Delegate to the Assembly of Delegates

Important Documents

Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct
Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct – (e-doc via AMTAmassage.org) – updated March 2015
The Code of Conduct defines both the expectations AMTA has of you as a volunteer and that you as a volunteer can have of AMTA. All elected and appointed chapter volunteers must fill this out and submit a signed copy while they are candidates, or immediately upon election or appointment.