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Our hearts are broken as we share this sad news….. John Matthew Upledger, age 56, CEO of Upledger Institute International, the Barral Institute and the International Alliance of Healthcare Educator...

Why do study types matter? The short answer is, the more robust a study or series of studies, the more confidence you can have with the conclusions of the study. If someone comes out with a new technique and shows success on one client, this is interesting and may warrant further investigation with more cleints. Compare this to a modality that has been developed and perfected over years with hundreds of clients, you can see that this has substantially more value. Aside from numbers of clients and time that the technique has been used, there are inherent strengths with different study types. Knowing these differences allows you to better evaluate the scientific literature on your particular area of interest. Let's take the very basic type of study - the case report. This study, while valuable in putting forward ideas that may warrant further investigation, on its own the strength of the case study is not high. This is not only because it is generally a report of low numbers of clients, there is usually no comparison group. Contrast this to a randomized controlled trial where a large group of patients are randomly assigned into intervention or control group and followed over time. This study type has the potential to be the most robust study type and results from such a study are generally well accepted. We'll explore this more later! Enough for now. ... See MoreSee Less

Research Update: Why should massage therapist care about scientific research? Isn't it best left to the nerds? Well, thanks to the 'nerds', massage therapy can be elevated from a feel-good luxury that people afford once they have had their hair and nails taken care of, to a therapeutic treatment that is an integral part of health and wellbeing. Don't get me wrong, feel-good luxury is OK too, that's why we pay top dollar for Corvettes, BMWs and Mercedes! But, being able to demonstrate through scientific research that massage therapy is a viable complementary service to healthcare is valuable to the integrity of the profession. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cheryl SmithMany therapist put outlandish claims about massage on websites and marketing material. I make sure if I say massage might help a condition or injury there is research that backs this up. I think massage is fabulous on it own and clients appreciate knowing the facts.

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