AMTA NH-Chapter thanks the following companies for their contribution to the 2016 Annual Meeting & Education Weekend held in April. Their contributions provide items for the give-away bags presented to each meeting attendee, gift bags presented to the three student scholarship winners and door prizes provided during the meeting.

We depend on the support of valued massage partners such as these and encourage you to review their product, service and training offerings.  Feel free to tell them “Thanks” when you do business with them.

Active Isolated Stretching at www.stretchingusa.com

B&B Marketing Inc./Sacro Wedgy at www.sacrowedgy.com

Bon Vital at www.bonvital.com

Corestones Inc. at www.corestonemassage.com

Craniosacral Therapy Alliance at www.cstalliance.com

James Waslaski at www.orthomassage.net

Joseph Muscolino at www.medbridgemassage.com and www.learnmuscles.com

Kyani – Cathy Clement at https://cclement.kyani.net/en-us/

Muscular Wellness Institute-Jeff Mahadeen at www.muscularwellnessinstitute.com

Performance Health at www.performancehealth.com

Structural Energetic Therapy, Inc. at www.structuralenergetictherapy.com

Structural Relief Therapy at www.structuralrelieftherapy.com

Upledger Institute @ www.upledger.com

Posted on May 17, 2016